Ziegler Sultanabad 10'2" x 13" Persian Antique Rug Circa 1880


10'2" x 13"

Persia, Circa 1880

An elegant "Mina Khani" or trellis design of leafy vines and delicate palmettes repeats in graceful allover symmetry in shades of gold and mauve across a cool ivory field on this exquisite Ziegler Sultanabad. Elegant pieces like this represent the finest Sultanabad production made to the exact standards of the European firm of Ziegler established in Persia in the late 19th century. A densely worked palmette vine scroll on a more minute scale comprises the border. Its finer detail and dominant mauve cast creates the perfect framing contrast to the field design. The color and drawing are matched by the soft lustrous quality of the lush wool pile.

One-of-a-kind antique

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