Serapi 10'9" x 13' Antique Persian Rug Circa 1880

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10'9" x 13'

Persia, Circa 1880

Serapi carpets represent the apogee of the Heriz family of designs. They have the same boldness of composition, the same angular geometric drawing sensibility, but also a sense of fineness and control, and clarity that Heriz carpets sometimes lack. Here the excellent drawing is more reminiscent of a first-rate Fereghan, as is the color harmony with its interplay of warm red, soft blue, navy, and gold. The navy border provides a strong enclosing frame that is essential to the composition, echoing the only other major use of navy in the rug – the outer, enclosing area of the central medallion. Rarely do Heriz and even Serapis handle the typical “turtle” motif of the border with the grace and clarity of this example. Rugs of this caliber repay sustained attention. The more one looks, the more one sees.

One-of-a-kind antique

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