Khorassan Antique Persian Rug Circa 1880


4'10" x 8'2"

Persia, Circa 1880

Reminiscent of a fine Kashmir embroidered shawl, a staggered design of "Boteh" or paisley motifs in repeating rows unfold rhythmically across the field of this sumptuous little antique Khorassan. The deep, pungent palette of rose and aubergine is punctuated by repeating motifs in shades of apricot, producing a latent horizontal striped effect within the overall design. The main border has a staggered vine scroll, subtly echoing the staggered arrangement of the field design, while echoing its color effects as well. Minor borders with dark outlines provide the requisite framing accent for the border in the midst of the consistent, harmonious deployment of color.

One-of-a-kind antique

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