Heriz Antique Persian Rug Circa 1890


9'10" x 12'6"

Persia, Circa 1890

The Heriz carpets of Northwest Persia are widely appreciated for their stridently graphic, somewhat tribal approach to classical Persian rug design. This magnificent example virtually rethinks the classic arabesque medallion format as a series of concentric, complex polygons filled with rich geometric patterning in a beautiful array of colors. The particular interplay of soft apricot, ivory, and blue is especially attractive and full of decorative potential. The main border adapts the highly abstract floral elements of the field - palmettes and leafy vines - into an elaborate running vine scroll design set against blue for framing contrast, with apricot minor borders transitioning back to the field. The harmony of color and design is unimprovable, with a perfect balance of formality and excitement.

One-of-a-kind antique

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