What Are Flatweave Rugs?

Flatweave rugs are different from other types of rugs, as they are woven on a loom instead of knotted. Because they are usually light, slim, and flat, they don't provide much insulation. However, this makes them easy to move around and an ideal option in places with warmer climates. Most often, they are made of materials such as; linen, wool, cotton, or silk, and the most popular types include Soumak, Kilim, and Braided rugs.

Traditionally made in Middle Eastern cultures, flatweave area rugs have become a trend in modern décor. They are usually an affordable option with a wide range of designs to choose from.

How Exactly Are They Made?

Knotted rugs are usually made by weaving two types of thread - the warp and the weft. Small knots are made to tie the weft around the warp. The difference when it comes to making flatweave rugs is that warp threads are strung in a vertical manner and then threaded through the warp. This causes a weave to form.

What Are the Benefits of Flatweave Rugs?


Because flatweave rugs are made on a loom, they don't need any base material. Since they are made from easily available materials, and as less material is required to craft them, they tend to be more affordable than many other types of rugs. The price mostly depends on the size of the rug and the type of material used.


The fact that they are lightweight makes flatweave rugs easy to move around. This makes them ideal for people who regularly update their interior style or those living in rental properties.

Little to No Shedding

Heavier rugs tend to shed often, which can cause them to come undone in places and deteriorate over time. This can also be quite annoying, as owners are required to clean regularly. Since they are thinner, flatweave rugs do not have this problem. This also means that they are less likely to cause allergic reactions and are perfect in households with pets.

Various options

A bonus point of these highly versatile rugs is that they are available in an array of different designs and sizes. The most common sizes include 8x10 and 9x12 flat weave rugs, making them ideal as area rugs. They are also available in different colors and patterns and can match most decor styles. Flatweave rugs are easy to get hold of and can be bought at various in-person and online depot stores globally.

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